Pickled eggplants with peppers: flying off the table in minutes

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Recipe for pickled eggplant with peppers. Source: Pixabay

Eggplants are ideal vegetables for making savory appetizers. They are especially delicious when combined with sweet bell peppers. By preparing a successful marinade for them, you can easily get a dish that even guests at the festive table will appreciate.

Food blogger Marina Novikova (marisha_recepti) shared a recipe for pickled eggplant with peppers on her Instagram page.

Recipe for pickled eggplant with peppers


  • eggplants - 5 pcs
  • sweet pepper - 2 pcs
  • garlic - 5-6 cloves
  • parsley


  • water - 500 ml
  • salt - 1 tbsp
  • sugar - 3 tbsp
  • vinegar - 3 tbsp.
Eggplant and pepper appetizer
  • vegetable oil - 2 tbsp.
  • black pepper - 10 peas
  • allspice - 5 peas
  • bay leaves

Method of preparation:

1. Mix water, salt, sugar, oil, pepper and bay leaves in a saucepan. Bring to a boil.

2. Cut the pepper into medium-sized pieces and add the vegetable along with the vinegar as soon as the marinade boils. Cook for 2-3 minutes.

Instant eggplant appetizer

3. Then remove the peppers and cool the marinade.

4. Meanwhile, cut the eggplants into thick slices and fry until golden brown.

5. At this stage, put the eggplant, pepper, and whole garlic in layers in a container.

Pickled eggplants in a day

6. Pour the marinade over the eggplant and put parsley leaves on top. Leave to marinate in the refrigerator for 1 day.

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