Oatmeal for breakfast in a new way: no need to cook

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Baked oatmeal recipe for breakfast. Source: Pixabay

Boiled oatmeal is not the only way to prepare this cereal. To keep oatmeal from getting boring, you can bake it deliciously in the oven. Any milk and even plain water, fruit, or fruit puree are suitable for the recipe; you can also add chocolate and fragrant spices such as cinnamon and vanilla.

Food blogger Anastasiia Orlova (anastasia.orlovaaa) shared a recipe for baked oatmeal on her Tik-Tok.

Baked oatmeal recipe for breakfast


  • oatmeal – 5.5 tbsp
  • milk – 125 ml
  • baking powder – 1 tsp
  • banana – 1 pc
  • eggs – 1 pc
  • vanilla – a pinch
How to cook oatmeal in a new way

Method of preparation:

1. Beat the eggs until smooth and mash the banana in advance.

2. At the bottom of the mold pour the oatmeal.

Baked oatmeal with banana and berries in the oven

3. Add eggs, banana, milk, baking powder and vanilla. Mix until smooth.

4. Add your favorite berries if desired.

Baked oatmeal with milk

5. Bake at 190 °C for 15-20 minutes.

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