Nutritionists named 5 common foods that can be dangerous

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The choice of food

A large number of products we consume on a daily basis can pose a great threat to the body. Even those that seem safe at first glance. Improper processing and cooking can make healthy and tasty food poisonous.

Today, FoodOboz editorial team has prepared a selection of 5 foods that are definitely present in the diet of many people and can cause serious harm to health.

Forest mushrooms

Dangerous product - wild mushrooms

Edible mushrooms can be dangerous due to toxins. This is especially true of wild forest mushrooms. Research by nutritionists from Instapot Life shows that eating exotic mushrooms causes 100 deaths a year worldwide, and thousands are hospitalized. This is what nutritionist Heather Hanks says.


Dangerous product - tuna

Tuna is good for you because of its high omega-3 content, but excessive consumption of this product can cause great harm to the body. "Tuna contains toxic mercury," explains clinical nutritionist Stephanie Gatschet, MS, CNC, owner of BioVie Nutrition. "Eating large amounts of tuna harms the kidneys and nervous system."


Dangerous product - honey

Honey is a product that may contain botulism. This is because it may not be thoroughly processed after harvesting, which can cause the loss of its beneficial properties, says nutritionist Lisa Richards.


A dangerous product - sushi

Fish in sushi can be poorly processed or even raw. Eating such a product is fraught with a large number of infections. "Raw fish is a potential source of salmonella or other harmful bacteria," says nutritionist Stephanie Gatschet.

Baked potatoes

Dangerous product - baked potatoes

Bacteria can be found even in baked potatoes.

"Botulism is a bacterium that is very dangerous to consume. It can grow in common foods, such as baked potatoes," explains nutritionist Lisa Richards, author of the book Candida Diet. This bacterium is resistant to heat, so it does not die during cooking.

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