Nutritionists have named dangerous female eating habits

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Harmful eating habits of women
Harmful eating habits of women

Every woman has faced the problem of being overweight. There can be many reasons for this. But the main reasons are unhealthy diet, late dinners, and junk food.

American nutritionists have shared their research findings in Eatthis on dangerous female eating habits that make everyone gain weight and are best avoided.

1. Finishing food after children

You can't eat too much

This is a very bad habit that greatly affects weight gain because a woman eats more food than she needs.

2. Eating at night

It is better to give up eating at night

This is a terrible and very bad habit, first of all, you overload your body, and secondly, you eat very unhealthy foods, such as sausage, candy, and rolls. Such a nighttime snack will definitely lead to weight gain.

Nutritionist Kelly Jones, MS, RD, CSSD, LDN, says that if you eat regularly at night, you can get insomnia and your body can experience constant stress.

3. Lack of protein for breakfast

Breakfast should always be with proteins

This is one of the reasons why women eat at night. The body simply lacks the necessary protein, when it is extremely important for women to maintain lean muscle mass as they age (it can start to shrink by the age of 30), so they start eating some of the wrong foods that give them energy.

If you don't eat enough protein, you simply won't have the strength and energy.

4. A snack instead of a full meal

A snack cannot be a substitute for a full meal

If you don't eat properly during the day and limit yourself to snacks, you will definitely feel tired, and in the evening you will eat junk food, which will definitely make you gain weight.

5. Eating food substitutes

Harmful bars

This is when you consume shakes or substitute bars that contain too few calories and nutrients instead of normal foods.

6. Eating fast food

Eat slowly

When you eat on the run, you can't control the amount or calories you eat because everything happens so fast.

"When you eat fast without paying attention, your body doesn't give you the mental credit for eating," says Lauren Harris-Pincus, MD, RDN.

The expert advises to sit down at the table and eat with a fork and knife, chew food carefully, and pause while eating so that it does not harm.

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