No knife needed: we tell you how to peel a pot of new potatoes in 3 seconds

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New potatoes
New potatoes. Source: pixabay.com

The season for new potatoes in Ukraine begins in late April, and you can buy them both in markets and in stores. You can cook potatoes in different ways, but the most delicious is to simply boil them and season with butter and herbs.

How to quickly peel new potatoes

Cook Anna shared on Instagram the easiest way to peel new potatoes, thanks to which you can peel a pot of potatoes in a few seconds.

Tips from the cook

It's very simple, you just need to boil the potatoes, drain off all the water so that the potatoes are almost dry.

Boiled potatoes

After that, add a tablespoon of salt to the potatoes, cover and shake well.

Salt for potatoes

After this process, all the peel from the potatoes will remain at the bottom of the pan and you will get a peeled product that can be eaten.

Ready potatoes

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