Mint sugar in 10 minutes: how to make an unusual preparation for the winter

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Mint sugar recipe for the winter. Source: Pixabay

Usually mint is frozen or dried for the winter. However, there is another unusual way to prepare mint in the form of sugar. You can sprinkle mint sugar on fresh fruit or use it for drinks - the dishes will have an impeccable flavor.

Food blogger Vika Chaikovska (vica.chaikovskaya) shared a recipe for mint sugar for the winter on her Instagram page.

Peppermint sugar recipe for the winter in 10 minutes


  • mint leaves
  • sugar

Method of preparation:

How to prepare mint for the winter in an unusual way

1. For cooking you need only the leaves. They need to be well washed and dried.

2. Then put the leaves together with the sugar in a blender. Grind them.

3. Pour the resulting mass evenly on parchment. Put to dry in the oven at 50 degrees, stirring occasionally.

Mint sugar at home from two ingredients

4. Cool and store in hermetically sealed jars.

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