Metal will be dangerous or even break: what you should never wash kitchen knives with

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What not to wash knives with. Source: pexels.com

The most necessary item in the kitchen is a knife, which must not only be chosen carefully but also properly maintained so that it will last a long time and, most importantly, is not dangerous.

How to use kitchen knives correctly

The FoodOboz editorial team shares useful tips on how to wash kitchen knives properly, what to use and what to avoid.

What not to wash knives with and why

What not to wash knives with

- Knife blades should not be washed with too hot water as the metal does not tolerate contact with boiling water. If you are washing the utensils in the dishwasher, it is recommended that you choose water that is not too hot.

- You should not soak the knives as prolonged contact with water will lead to metal destruction.

- Experts say that for this reason, the tool should be wiped immediately after washing!

What spoils knives

- Do not leave knives in the sink, especially if you have previously cut acidic foods such as lemons, tomatoes, and onions.

- Never leave knives in the sink for a long time, immersed in water. This negatively affects not only the material but also the knife edge.

How to properly wash knives and what to use

What to wash knives with

- Wash them with a soft kitchen sponge in cool water immediately after use.

- To avoid exposing the knives to excessive temperature, first rinse them with cold water, then wash them with warm, not hot water!

- It is better to wash the knives by hand with non-abrasive detergents and dry them immediately (using a dishwasher is not recommended as it damages the knives).

What to wash knives with

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