Lightly salted mackerel in a bag: you can eat after 12 hours

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Delicious lightly salted mackerel. Source: Freepik

Mackerel is a delicious, budget-friendly and easy-to-cook fish. It can be salted, baked, stewed with vegetables and grilled.

How to salt mackerel deliciously

The cook shared on Instagram a recipe for delicious pickled mackerel, which is prepared in a bag.

Mackerel recipe


  • 1 handful of salt per mackerel

Method of preparation:

1. Defrost and gut the mackerel, rinse and dry it.

Fresh mackerel

2. Put the fish in a plastic bag and rub it well with salt. Tie the bag tightly and put it in the refrigerator for 12 hours.

Salt for marinade

3. Then rinse the mackerel from the remaining salt, remove the skin and cut the fish. Serve with onions and oil.

Cooked fish

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