Lazy lasagna – the fastest way to cook

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How to make delicious lasagna at home
How to cook delicious lasagna at home. Source: pixabay.com

Lasagna is a delicious pasta dish of Italian cuisine, based on a thin sheet of dough in the shape of a square or rectangle with various delicious fillings. The dough can be replaced with pita bread, and fillings can be made without meat.

The FoodOboz editorial team shares a recipe for the fastest minced meat and mozzarella lasagna, which will be a great treat for lunch and dinner.


  • Lasagna sheets – 5 pcs
  • Minced beef – 400 g
  • Onions – 1 pc
  • Bell pepper – 1/2 pc
  • Tomato – 2 pcs
  • Chopped tomatoes in a jar – 400 g
  • Garlic – 2 cloves
  • Salt, pepper, thyme and oregano – to taste ⠀
  • Mozzarella – 70 g
  • Oil – 2-3 tbsp
  • Basil – 30 g
  • Salt, pepper – to taste

How to cook:

  1. Finely chop the onion, garlic, and bell pepper, put in a hot frying pan, add the oil, and fry well until golden brown.
  2. Add the minced meat, season with salt and pepper, stir, and cook until tender.
  3. Wash the tomatoes and cut them into small cubes, add the canned tomatoes and mix everything thoroughly.
  4. Put the lasagna sheets in a suitable baking dish, top with the meat filling and mozzarella, and top with the sheets again.
  5. Put in the oven for 30 minutes at 170 C.
Homemade lasagna

Garnish the dish with fresh basil before serving.

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