Lazy khachapuri with hard cheese: cooked in a frying pan

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Delicious khachapuri. Source: wolt.com

The most delicious, satisfying and easy-to-prepare dish that can be eaten for breakfast, snack, dinner and even served at a festive table is khachapuri. It can be cooked in different ways, but the simplest option is to prepare it in a frying pan.

Homemade khachapuri

A cook shared a recipe for delicious, lazy khachapuri made from hard cheese and milk on Instagram.



  • 1 egg
  • 3 tbsp of flour
  • 1/3 tsp salt
  • 170 g of grated cheese
  • 100 ml of milk

Method of preparation:

1. Beat eggs with milk. Add salt and flour and mix thoroughly.

Making batter

2. Add hard cheese and mix again.

Cheese for the dish

3. Pour the batter into a hot frying pan and fry over medium heat on both sides until golden brown!

How to cook khachapuri

Cut and serve hot!

Ready-made dish

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