Japanese omelet without flour: an unusual breakfast option

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Delicious Japanese omelet with vegetables
Delicious Japanese omelet with vegetables

In the morning, it is better to eat a hearty meal to store energy for the next few hours. An excellent and quick breakfast option, of course, would be omelets, sweet dumplings, homemade yogurt, toast, cereals, and sandwiches.

The FoodOboz editorial team has prepared for you an unusual recipe for the Japanese omelet "Tamago-yaki ", which takes only 15 minutes to prepare, and most importantly – without a gram of flour.


  • eggs – 5 pcs
  • rice vinegar – 1 tbsp
  • soy sauce – 1 tbsp
  • sugar – 2 tsp
  • oil – 1 tbsp
  • salt, pepper – to taste

Method of preparation:

  1. Beat eggs with salt, sugar, and a pinch of pepper.
  2. Add rice vinegar and soy sauce, and whisk everything thoroughly to make the dough liquid.
  3. Add vegetable oil to the pan, pour 1/3 of the dough, and as soon as the pancake "sets", turn it over and fry on the other side, rolling it into a roll.
  4. Pour the batter for the second pancake into the pan, as soon as it is browned, put the first pancake roll on it and roll it up again.
  5. Then do the same with the third pancake. But if you have more dough, continue with the same procedure.
Japanese omelet with vegetables

You should get a multi-layered omelet roll, and you can add fish, avocado, soft cheese, or just fresh vegetables to it.

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