Is it possible to eat after six and eat two meals a day: nutritionist advice

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Can you eat after six
Can you eat after six

We've all heard different versions of whether or not we should eat after 6 pm. But experts' opinions are divided, some say you shouldn't - if you want to lose weight, and some say you should, but certain foods.

The FoodOboz editorial team shares the opinions of experts on whether it is possible and necessary to eat after 18:00, as well as how many times a day it is best to eat.

Nutritionists still say that you can eat after 18:00, but it is better to eat light food - vegetables, salads, baked fish, boiled or baked meat.

Light dinner

You shouldn't eat late at night, it's stressful and puts a lot of strain on your stomach and all your organs. In addition, you'll get a bonus - poor sleep.

The best time to eat is 3-4 hours before bedtime.

It is worth noting that according to experts, everyone should have their own personal, comfortable meal schedule that suits only you. But you shouldn't eat 2 meals a day - this can lead to weight gain.

Salad with fish

Definitely do not eat fatty and spicy foods in the evening, as well as sweet and very salty foods, so as not to get swelling in the morning.

This is an ideal dinner option:

An easy salad for dinner
  • Low-fat fish with a salad of fresh vegetables or root vegetables and herbs
  • lean meat with fresh or baked vegetables
  • natural jelly or homemade sorbet

Before going to bed, it is also best to avoid certain drinks, such as coffee, alcohol, and sugary sodas.

Coffee should not be drunk in the evening

The best things to drink for a good night's sleep are green tea, warm milk with honey, kefir, and herbal tea.

Milk can be drunk at night

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