How to stuff pineapples deliciously: an idea from a famous chef

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Stuffed pineapples by Yurii Kovryzhenko

When spring is on the way, you want light, juicy, and colorful food. Fruits are perfect for realizing delicious ideas. For example, pineapple. It's a great base for stuffing. The main thing is to choose the right ingredients for the filling, and you will get a wonderful festive appetizer.

Famous Ukrainian chef Yurii Kovryzhenko (yurii_kovryzhenko) shared the idea of making pineapple with stuffing on his Instagram page.

Recipe for stuffed pineapples with shrimp


  • pineapple – 1 pc
  • peeled shrimps – 500 g
  • rice noodles – 300 g
  • ginger – 100 g
  • oil – 1 liter
  • bell pepper – 1 pc
  • sesame seeds
  • green onions
  • herbs
  • "Sweet chili" sauce
Shrimp for the dish

Method of preparation:

1. Pineapple divided into two halves.

2. Remove the pulp.

Pineapple for stuffing

3. Chop it, peel the ginger, cut into strips.

4. Bell pepper – diced.

5. Chop the greens and onions.

6. Mix pineapple, ginger, shrimp, herbs, onions and sauce.

7. Put this filling in the formed "boats", and sprinkle with sesame seeds on top.

Ginger to spice up the dish

8. Place in a preheated 200-degree oven and bake for 15-20 minutes.

9. Heat a frying pan with oil.

10. Add cheese and rice noodles and fry for a minute.

11. Put on top of the pineapple.

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