How to store ripe bananas so that they do not darken for a long time: 4 useful tips

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How to store bananas at home
How to store bananas at home

Bananas are delicious and healthy fruits that can be used to make flavorful pies, drinks, and ice cream. But bananas often darken and spoil quickly if they are not stored properly.

What to cook with bananas

Tash Blythe, a food hygiene expert, shared 4 useful tips on how to store ripe bananas properly and for a long time so that they do not darken and spoil, Express.co.uk reports.

How to properly store ripe bananas

Useful tips:

1. Buy bananas green and let them ripen at home.

Green bananas

2. Store bananas away from other fruits – this is not good for the banana or other fruits, as bananas release ethylene gas when ripe, which "makes" other fruits ripen and spoil faster.

Bananas and grapes

3. Do not store bananas in bags; they will ripen there, even if they are already ripe. The bag will retain the moisture that bananas release through ethylene gas as they ripen.

How to store bananas properly

4. Bananas should be stored away from moisture, too high temperatures, and best of all at room temperature.

Ripe bananas

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