How to quickly remove pits from cherries: easy ways

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Ripe home-grown cherries
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If you want to pit cherries and sweet cherries very quickly and easily, and you don't want to damage the berries, it is quite possible to do so. Housewives use various tricks to do this, such as removing the pits with a plastic bottle or tube.

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The FoodOboz editorial team has collected useful life hacks that will help you easily remove the pits while keeping the cherries and sweet cherries intact.

1. Pitting

Sweet cherry for a drink

This is the easiest way to remove the pits, and what's more, everyone has a simple item like a pin at home.

How to quickly pit cherries

2. A bottle with a narrow neck

Bottle with a narrow neck

You simply insert the berry so that it does not fall into the bottle and use the wand to press down on the berry. The pit will fall into the bottle and the berry will remain on the surface.

Pitted cherries

3. Cocktail tubes

Cocktail tubes

You can simply use the straw to push the pit out of a cherry or sweet cherry, or you can also pull the pit in with the straw.

Ripe sweet cherries

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