How to prepare homemade elderberry kvass: proportions for a 3-liter jar

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It is very easy to make delicious and healthy homemade kvass from elderberry. The drink is quite carbonated, has a rich aroma and light floral notes.

Healthy homemade elderberry kvass

Recommendations before cooking:

- Use only fresh elderberry inflorescences. And never pick plants near roads as they may contain a high concentration of toxic substances.

- Fermentation will take place during the kvass brewing process. This is a wild yeast that is found on the surface of the flowers. They should not be washed off, nor should the flowers be dipped in water.

Food blogger Oksana (oksana_barabash_0) shared a recipe for healthy and refreshing elderberry kvass on her Instagram page.

Elderberry kvass recipe for a 3 liter jar


  • pure water - 3 liters
  • elderberry flower inflorescences - 5 pcs
  • honey - 1-2 tbsp.

Method ofpreparation.

1. First, carefully sort out the elderberry flowers.

Important: the flowers should never be washed. The fact is that the flowers contain pollen, which is necessary for the birth of kvass bacteria.

Elderberry inflorescences for the drink

2. Pour water into a jar and add the flower inflorescences. Cover the container with a napkin (it is better to take a natural cloth so that the drink can breathe) and leave it in the sun for 3 days.

3. When the time is up, strain the drink and store it in the refrigerator. It's ready!

Note: it is recommended to consume no more than 3 glasses of such kvass per day.

Homemade flower kvass at home

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