How to pickle parsley for the winter so that it stays fresh

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Young parsley is traditionally frozen for the winter. This way, it retains its flavor and health benefits. In addition, it can be preserved in jars: this, the herbs will stay fresh.

FoodOboz has selected the simplest recipe for pickled parsley for the winter, which is easy to prepare and does not require sterilization.

How to pickle parsley


  • parsley - 400 g
  • salt - 100 g

Method of preparation:

1. First, you need to prepare the greens for cooking, namely rinse them in cold water several times until the water becomes clear. Then put them on paper towels and dry them well.

2. You also need to sterilize or scald the jars with boiling water, and be sure to dry them too.

How to preserve parsley for the winter

3. At this point, chop the parsley or separate the leaves from the stems and salt it.

4. Next, mix the prepared greens and salt, lightly mash them with your hands to release the juice. This way, it will be evenly salted in the process.

5. Put in jars, tamping down firmly. At the same time, leave a little free space near the neck because the juice will be released in the process.

Parsley in jars for the winter

6. Close the jars with lids (preferably twist-off or plastic ones). Store in the refrigerator.

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