How to peel an orange quickly and painlessly: a TikTok life hack that took the web by storm

Yulia PoteriankoLS Food
The need to peel oranges can discourage you from enjoying them

Oranges are a valuable source of vitamin C and a good digestive stimulant. But how many of us have at least once denied ourselves the pleasure of enjoying this fruit because of how difficult it is to peel.

Painfully torn nails and drops of juice everywhere, including on clothes, where they soon begin to emit an unpleasant odor – these are the consequences of peeling an orange. But TikTok has a trick for this case as well, according to Lifehacker. To watch the video, read the news to the end.

It doesn't involve rolling the fruit on the table for a long time to soften its skin or tearing it open. The idea was launched on social media by a blogger with the nickname lolwutalan, who was tested by kevglbach. It turned out that the method was quite working.

Just cut the orange in half across the top so that all its slices are cut. Then press down on the top of one of the halves and twist it out. It will look like a flower, and each of its "petals" can be easily separated and eaten.

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