How to make the perfect mirror glaze at home: 7 secrets of Liza Hlinska

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Chocolate cake with mirror icing
Chocolate cake with mirror icing

Every housewife has had attempts to make icing for a delicious cake. But they usually didn't always end up being successful, because icing is a very delicate thing and should be prepared strictly according to a proven recipe, even if it is also mirror-like.

Liza Hlinska, a pastry chef and MasterChef judge, shared on Instagram some very useful secrets for making the perfect mirror glaze for mousse desserts at home.

1. The ingredients for a delicious and successful glaze should be as follows:

  • chocolate
  • gelatin
  • water
  • glucose syrup (it can be replaced with honey, but then you can get a dessert with a bright honey flavor)
  • cream or condensed milk

2. Chocolate.

It is very important to have up to 70% chocolate in the glaze: the higher the %, the more matte the glaze will be.

3. Beat only with a blender

Mirror icing should never be whipped with a whisk, as it will collect air bubbles that will be difficult to get rid of.

Only use an immersion blender with an emulsifying attachment, at an angle and without removing the blade.

4. Let the icing set

Do not rush to apply fresh icing to the dessert right away - it needs to stabilize for 24 hours.

5. Temperature

Before applying the glaze to the dessert, be sure to warm it up to 40-45 degrees, then gently whip it again with an immersion blender and let it cool at room temperature to 32-34 degrees.

How to apply icing on a cake

6. How to apply the icing correctly

Ready-made icing should only be applied to frozen desserts so that no moisture droplets form on the surface. If this happens, the icing may slide off the product.

7. The optimal size of the dish

Before coating, place the dessert on a stand with a smaller diameter than the cake, and then pour the mirror glaze on it in a steady circular motion, smooth it with a spatula, and wait until the glaze runs off the sides. Remove the excess icing from the bottom and transfer the cake to the substrate.

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