How to make pita bread envelopes in a pan: a hearty filling idea

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Recipe for pita bread envelopes. Source: Pexels

For breakfast, a snack, tea, or coffee – these envelopes or triangles of pita bread are the perfect option. They can be made with completely different fillings: minced meat, sausage, mushrooms, or chicken. And if you breaded the envelopes in egg before frying, they turn out to be very crispy.

Food blogger Christina Kay (kristinakey.blog) shared a recipe for delicious pita bread envelopes on her Instagram page.

Recipe for pita bread envelopes in a pan


  • pita bread
  • mushrooms - 100 g
  • hard cheese - 130 g
  • chicken fillet - 150 g
What to make with pita bread for breakfast or a snack
  • green onions - 15 g
  • mayonnaise - 70 g
  • eggs - 2 pcs.

Method of preparation:

1. Cook the chicken fillet and cut into cubes.

2. Mushrooms cut into slices and fry until tender.

Fillings for pita bread

3. Chop the onion.

4. Grate the cheese.

5. Mix chicken, mushrooms, cheese, onion and mayonnaise in a deep bowl. Add salt, pepper and spices. Mix well.

Triangles of pita bread

6. Cut the pita bread into long strips. Put the filling on the end of one side and wrap in envelopes.

7. Dip the envelopes in a beaten egg and fry on both sides.

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