How to make jam so that the berries remain intact: simple life hacks

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Life hacks for making jam. Source: pixabay.com

Summer is the season for preserving not only vegetables, but also fruits and berries. However, in the process of making jam, berries often lose their rich color and shape. It turns out that there are some life hacks that can help avoid this.

FoodOboz has gathered information for you and will tell you how to make jam so that the berries do not lose their shape and color.

How to cook jam to keep the berries intact

Tip 1

If you use homegrown berries and fruits, it is recommended to wash them as little as possible. Instead, wash store-bought ones as thoroughly as possible. Berries such as strawberries and raspberries should be washed without detaching them from the stalks, then dried with a paper towel, and finally sorted.

Do I need to wash berries and fruits before making jam

Tip 2

Berries in jam are more likely to retain their shape if you pour hot syrup over them for 3-4 hours and then start cooking. As for hard varieties, such as gooseberries and plums, it is recommended to prick them lightly with a toothpick so that they absorb the syrup better and do not become so soft.

How to make berry and fruit jam correctly

Tip 3

When making berry jam, the best proportions of sugar are 1:1.

The proportions of sugar in jam should be 1:1

Tip 4

If the jam does not thicken for a long time, you can add a little lemon juice or applesauce to it.

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