How to make flavorful cherry jam in an unusual way: add only one ingredient

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Recipe for cherry jam
Recipe for cherry jam. Source:

Cherries are ideal berries for making delicious, thick jams, as well as compotes and fillings for pies and dumplings, and they are often used to make sauces for meat.

Delicious cherry jam

Cook Tetiana Lytvynova shared a recipe for a successful cherry jam with rosemary on Instagram, which will not only have a bright, beautiful color, but will also be very thick, and the cherries will remain intact during cooking.

Jam recipe


  • cherries - 5-6 cups
Cherries for jam
  • sugar - 5 cups
Rosemary for jam
  • rosemary - sprig

Method of preparation:

1. Wash and pit the cherries.

Ripe cherries

2. Pour a glass of peeled berries into a saucepan, then pour an incomplete glass of sugar on top.

Cherry jam

3. Put on the fire and bring to a boil, then do this procedure again and again. Bring to a boil, add the berries and sugar, and repeat until the end.

Important: reduce the heat each time you cook, and be sure to skim off the foam.

Delicious homemade cherry jam

4. Put a sprig of rosemary in the finished jam for 5 minutes and be sure to take it out. It will give the jam a very unusual and bright flavor.

Fresh rosemary

5. Pour the hot jam into sterile jars.

Ready-made jam

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