How to make delicious and transparent aspic: 5 main rules

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Aspic is not only tasty but also very healthy as its main component is protein, namely collagen, which has a positive effect on skin quality, improves hair and nail condition, and strengthens bone tissue. Every housewife cooks it differently and with different meats, adding vegetables, spices, and garlic.

How to make transparent aspic

Cook Victoria shared useful tips on how to make a successful and tasty aspic on Instagram.

What to cook delicious aspic with


1. Be sure to wash all parts of the chicken well and soak it in cold salt water for several hours if it is homegrown chicken. If it is store-bought, then pour water over the meat and boil it for 3 minutes.

Homemade chicken aspic

2. Put the bones on the bottom of the pan, meat on top, and then cover with water. Bring to a boil over medium heat (be sure to remove the foam), add 1.5 tsp of salt, reduce the heat and cook over low heat for 4-6 hours.

How to make a clear broth for aspic

3. Add vegetables, spices, and salt 1-2 hours and garlic 5 minutes before the end of cooking.

Broth for aspic

4. Remove the meat and bones from the broth, disassemble the meat into fibers by hand, removing all bones and cartilage. Strain the broth through a sieve and 2-3 layers of cheesecloth.

Chicken broth

5. Put the meat in the molds, garnish with carrots, boiled eggs, or herbs, if desired. Pour the broth over and leave to cool on the table. Then put in the refrigerator.

Secrets of making transparent aspic

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