How to make cherry liqueur with vodka: an elementary recipe

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Recipe for cherry liqueur. Source: Pixabay

Cherry liqueur is one of the most popular alcoholic beverages that can be easily prepared at home. One of the options is to make it with pits and leaves. It turns out to be rich cherry and with a slight tart flavor. Moreover, the amount of sugar and alcohol can be adjusted to your liking.

A popular food blogger Lilia Tsvit shared a recipe for cherry liqueur with pits on her YouTube channel (to watch the video, scroll to the end).

Recipe for cherry liqueur with pits on vodka


  • cherries - 1 liter
  • cherry leaves - 33 pcs.
  • sugar - 120-150 g
  • water - 1 liter
Cherry liqueur on vodka
  • citric acid - 0.5 tsp.
  • vodka - 300 ml

Method of preparation:

1. Wash the cherries.

2. Mix the cherries with sugar, and leaves. Pour over water.

Cherry liqueur with pits

3. Add the acid at the same time. Put on fire and cook for 30 minutes from the moment of boiling. Remove from heat and cool completely.

4. Strain the future liqueur.

Cherry liqueur with pits

5. Add vodka to the juice. Stir and pour the liquid into a glass dish.

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