How to make alcohol-free Ukrainian cherry liqueur

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Recipe for cherry liqueur without vodka and alcohol. Source:

Vyshnivka is a popular Ukrainian cherry liqueur. It can be made with alcohol or vodka or without it, using only sugar. It is worth noting that the drink is not prepared quickly. The cooking process is long, but it is definitely worth it.

One of the blogs about useful tips, life hacks and recipes (Useful News) on Youtube published a recipe for real cherry  liqueur without vodka.

Recipe for cherry liqueur without vodka and alcohol


  • cherries
  • sugar - 800 g

Method of preparation:

1. Pour cherries into 3-liter jars right with pits, not reaching the edge.

Cherries for the dish

2. Add sugar (800 g for one jar).

3. Cover the jar with a rubber glove. Leave to ferment.

Cherry liqueur without vodka and alcohol

4. After the glove has fallen, pour the liqueur into jars and close them. Pour water and sugar (1 kg of sugar per 4 liters of water) into the cherries that remain in the jar and close with a glove again.

Homemade cherry liqueur without alcohol

5. After fermentation, strain the liqueur and mix it with the first one in a large bowl. Add more sugar if necessary. Pour into jars and seal. Throw the cherries away.

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