How to fry onions so they don't burn or darken: just add one ingredient

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Onions are an essential ingredient in many dishes, such as cutlets, salads, soups, borscht, and sauces. It gives them a pleasant pungent flavor if cooked properly, but if not, it will give bitterness. Thus, improperly fried onions often give dishes a very unpleasant taste and dark color.

How to chop onions quickly and easily

The FoodOboz editorial team shares with you a life hack on how to properly fry onions so that they don't burn or darken.

How to fry onions

Cooks advise frying finely chopped onions exclusively in a hot frying pan. However, first you need to salt oil well. Salt will prevent the onions from burning and becoming dark.


Onions fried in this oil will have a golden, pleasant color and will never burn.

Salt for frying onions

It's worth noting that salt and oil will have a very positive effect on the taste of fried onions, making the product slightly sweet.

Meat with fried onions

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