How to freeze sweet peppers in slices and whole: tips from Yevhen Klopotenko

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Sweet pepper is a very tasty and valuable vegetable that can be used to make sauces and salads and is also added to pizza, pies, and soups. Housewives also stuff it, pickle it, preserve it in oil, make adjika, and freeze it.

Stuffed peppers

Culinary expert Yevhen Klopotenko has shared on his website useful tips on how to freeze sweet peppers for the winter so that they remain healthy and tasty.

How to freeze vegetables properly

Cooking tips: for freezing, choose ripe and fleshy peppers, they cut perfectly! Be sure to take airtight bags.

Vegetables need to be sorted: use small and irregularly shaped ones for slicing, and large ones for freezing whole or cut into two parts.

1. How to freeze peppers in slices

Bell pepper

Wash and dry the peppers, cut off the top, remove the stem, and take out the seeds, but do not wash the inside of the pepper because the excess liquid will become ice when frozen. Cut the peppers into random pieces, put them in a bag, and place them in the freezer for 6 hours, then take the bag out, shake it a little, and put it back in place. Sign the date and the type of pepper.

2. How to freeze peppers in halves

Stuffed peppers

Wash, dry, cut into 2 pieces, remove the seeds, and place in airtight bags.

3. How to freeze whole peppers

How to properly freeze peppers whole

Wash, dry, and place 2-3 peppers in a resealable bag. You can also put the peppers one by one without pressing them down too hard, in which case use bags larger than 20 cm by 30 cm.

How long to store frozen peppers

It is worth noting that frozen peppers are good for a year.

"If you need a certain amount of the product, take it out of the bag, close it airtight, and immediately return it to the freezer. Do not allow the bag to defrost, because the vegetable will immediately lose its flavor and crunch," Klopotenko recommends.

Sweet peppers

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