How to freeze berries to maximize vitamins: useful tips

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Frozen berries
Frozen berries

If you want to preserve all the beneficial vitamins and minerals in berries, then the best way is not to make jam and preserves from them, but simply to freeze them properly. But often, out of ignorance, we only spoil healthy products by freezing them.

Today, FoodOboz editorial team shares with you the basic rules of proper freezing of berries for the winter, as well as the most important mistakes in this process.

Ukraine has earned hundreds of millions of dollars from fruit and berry exports

What will definitely spoil the berries:

1. It is forbidden to freeze dirty fruits and berries, be sure to wash and dry them so they will not be watery.

2. Do not wrap in cling film, it will simply tear from the low temperature. Use only special containers for freezing.

3. Portions should be calculated so that you can fully use the entire volume of the product when defrosting.

4. Sugar should be added to the berries when freezing, but quickly and immediately put the berries in a container and freeze them before they release their juice.

How to preserve all the useful vitamins in berries and fruits:

Healthy raspberries

1. It is worth freezing berries and fruits without the slightest damage.

2. You can puree, cut, grate them - everything is at your discretion.

3. If you decide to freeze cherries or cherries, be sure to remove the pits from them before freezing.

How to freeze berries properly

4. Berries such as raspberries, strawberries, strawberries, currants are best stored in containers.

5. The most important thing is the temperature, it should be -18 C during freezing.

6. Frozen berries and fruits can be stored for no more than 12 months.

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