How to drink coffee in the morning without harming your body: tips

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How to drink coffee correctly. Source: Pexels

What could be better than a cup of aromatic coffee in the morning? Many people are accustomed to drinking their favorite drink on an empty stomach without thinking about the possible negative consequences for the body. But if giving up coffee is not an option for you, you should keep in mind some rules.

Fitness trainer Iryna ( posted some important tips on how to drink coffee in the morning in order not to harm your body.on her Instagram page.

How to drink coffee correctly

Coffee drinks themselves are not as harmless as people are used to saying. According to the expert, even a small dose of caffeine in the morning on an empty stomach is a serious threat to the nervous, digestive, and cardiovascular systems.

Can you drink coffee with milk on an empty stomach

The first thing that suffers is the stomach. So before you take a sip of coffee, make sure you've had a hearty breakfast and are energized.

It is advisable to wait 20-30 minutes after breakfast.

How to drink coffee in the morning

This is the time when all digestive processes will start. In addition, the invigorating chlorogenic acid contained in the drink will increase the acidity, benefiting, not harming, the stomach walls.

How to brew coffee in a cezve

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