How to cook varenyky so that they do not fall apart: avoid these 3 mistakes

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How to prepare and cook varenyky correctly. Source:

Often, housewives face the fact that varenyky fall apart during cooking, and the filling leaks out unnoticed. There are several things that can affect this.

The FoodOboz editorial team will tell you about the top 3 mistakes in cooking varenyky that can cause them to fall apart.

How to cook varenyky properly so that they don't fall apart

Thin dough

If the dough is rolled out too thin, the dumplings will certainly boil over in the first few minutes of cooking. Experienced housewives say that the approximate thickness of the dough should be about 2 mm.

What should the dough for varenyky be like

Pinching sides loosely

This is an equally important point to pay attention to. When forming varenyky, you need to not only firmly fasten the sides but also slightly twist them. This way they will not fall apart.

How to cook varenyky correctly

Too much filling

No matter how much filling you want to add, always remember to keep it in moderation. After all, thin dough may not withstand too much filling, and in the process of cooking, the varenyky will boil over.

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