How to cook toast to make it crispy on top: a useful life hack

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Cheese sandwich made according to traditional technology

Delicious crispy toast with your favorite sweet or savory ingredients and a cup of a warming drink is the perfect combination to create a cozy atmosphere and a great mood. And nowadays, this dish is especially relevant when new devices are constantly appearing that make it extremely easy to make. Traditionally, cheese is added inside the sandwich, but there is a new and interesting serving technique that will make the toast crispy.

A chef from Scotland, Toastie King, has made a very crispy sandwich with cheese on top instead of inside. The idea was published on TikTok.

Technology for making toast

A chef from Scotland has revealed his favorite way to make cheese toast. He said that to create a perfect crispy crust, cheese should be added directly to the toaster oven. In this way, the bread is baked evenly and does not burn, but remains crispy. This variation has received over 800 thousand views.

Detailed cooking technology

1. Put cheese on the bottom of the toaster.

2. Let it melt a little.

3. Then add your favorite toppings and top with another slice of bread.

Shredded cheese for a dish

4. Fry it a little.

5. Add another layer of cheese on top.

Ready-made sandwich with crispy cheese crust

It may seem very difficult to clean the toaster oven after such cooking, but the chef claims that when the cheese is still hot, it is very easy to clean it.

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