How to cook salmon properly: 5 main rules

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How to cook salmon deliciously
How to cook salmon deliciously

Salmon is a very tasty and healthy fish that everyone loves. You can cook many dishes from it, add it to salads or pies, bake it, or make sandwiches.

MasterChef contestant Oleksandr Bilodid shared his life hacks on how to cook salmon at home quickly and correctly on Instagram.

Cooking tips

1. Defrost properly

How to defrost the fish correctly

"Try not to defrost fish at room temperature, especially in the heat," the chef advises.

2. Perfectly cooked fish is the one that is dried first

Red fish

"Such fish should not be wet after defrosting. To dry the fillet, wrap it in paper towels for a while. The paper will absorb excess moisture, and then there will be nothing left in the salmon that could interfere with even and high-quality cooking," advises Bilodid.

3. How to make the salmon juicy

How to cook salmon correctly

The chef recommends cooking it in a well-heated pan and not for too long.

"Ideally, you should fry the fish a little longer on the first side than on the second, and add a little butter to the oil while frying. Then the salmon will get a very appetizing golden hue," says the chef.

Red fish

4. Grilling without foil

How to cook the fish properly

"If you want to cook salmon on a grill over a fire but without foil, use thickly sliced onion or lemon rings. This layer will serve as a protective cushion against sticking," explains Oleksandr.

5. When to add the sauce

Add the sauce to the fish when it is already fried or baked.

"A few minutes are enough for the tender meat to soak and get the right flavor and aroma," the chef summarizes.

Fish in sauce

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