How to cook rustic golden potatoes without an oven: an interesting way

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Recipe for rustic potatoes in a pan. Source: klopotenko

The rustic method is one of our favorite ways to cook potatoes. However, there is a method that allows you to cook rustic potatoes without baking them in the oven – you can simply fry them in a frying pan. The main thing is to pre-boil the potatoes so that they do not lose their shape during the frying process.

The recipe for rustic fried potatoes in a frying pan was published in one of the culinary blogs (Luda Easy Cook Ukrainian Chef) on YouTube.

Recipe for rustic fried potatoes in a skillet


  • potatoes
  • salt
  • dried garlic
  • dried onions
  • herbs
  • garlic
Why boil potatoes before frying

Method of preparation:

1. Wash and boil the potatoes in their skins. Then cut each half of the potato into 3 pieces.

2. Put the potato pieces in a frying pan heated with oil. Season with salt and spices. Fry until golden brown.

3. Chop the garlic and herbs.

Peasant-style potatoes in a skillet

4. Turn the potatoes to the other side. Season with salt and spices.

5. Sprinkle the finished potatoes with garlic and herbs.

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