How to cook pasta for children in an unusual way: a delicious alternative to cottage cheese casserole

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What to cook with pasta for children
What to cook with pasta for children. Source: Pixabay

Everyone knows that pasta tastes good only when it's warm, otherwise it loses both its flavor and its attractive appearance. But it is possible to "revitalize" it so that even children can eat it.

The result is a cottage cheese casserole with pasta. Food blogger Oksana Pidhaina shared the recipe on her Instagram page. She advised to give macaroni a second life and to implement some fresh ideas in this dish.

Cottage cheese and sour cream for a casserole.


  • pasta (150-200 grams)
  • sour cream – 100-120 g
  • cottage cheese (curd) – 150-200 g
  • chicken egg – 2 pcs.
  • sweetener (sugar, mashed banana, dried fruit, or something else).
Cottage cheese and pasta casserole for a child.

Method of preparation:

1. Boil the pasta until half cooked or use previously boiled.

2. Put sour cream and cheese in a frying pan, add pasta – cook for 2-3 minutes.

Mix cottage cheese, sour cream, and eggs.

3. Beat the eggs (with a fork), combine with the main mass, and add the sweetener.

Add eggs to the mass.

4. Cook for another 10 minutes under the lid closed.

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