How to cook delicious chops in 4 minutes: secrets from an expert. Exclusive

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Recipe for chops in batter

Chops are a very tasty and satisfying meat dish that can be prepared in minutes, but at the same time is a great option for lunch and dinner. You can use any meat for them, from chicken to beef and even liver.

Home Chops

Viлtoriшa Stelmakh, a founder of the largest Ukrainian-language Facebook group on complementary foods and baby food expert, told FoodOboz exclusively how to quickly pound meat with a plastic bottle and how to cook it deliciously.

Recipe for chicken chops in batter

Viktoriia advises to pound the meat with a bottleneck, which, according to the expert, will saturate it with oxygen and make it very juicy, soft, and tasty. Let the meat rest for 15 minutes.

Ingredients for the dish
Try to keep the pieces at least 5 mm in size

Viktoriia also advises not to salt or pepper the meat, but to add spices to the batter. Then beat the eggs well, dip the meat into the batter and fry it well in a greased frying pan until cooked (about 2 minutes), then cover with a lid and another 2 minutes.

Batter for meat

This method of cooking ensures that the meat is very soft, not overdone, and tasty!

Ready-made chops

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