How to cook chicken drumsticks in a spicy sauce: a recipe from Yevhen Klopotenko

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Ready-made dish with sauce
Ready-made dish with sauce. Source: Yevhen Klopotenko's website

If you want to cook delicious chicken drumsticks in a spicy sauce for a hearty dinner, be sure to add chili peppers, soy sauce, and tomato, which will give the dish a terrific spicy flavor. But if you like your food even spicier, you can add garlic and spices – any pepper, coriander, rosemary, sage.

Culinary expert Yevhen Klopotenko shared a recipe on his website for delicious, aromatic, spicy, and juicy chicken drumsticks in sauce.

How to cook delicious chicken drumsticks in sauce


  • chicken drumsticks - 800 g
Chicken drumsticks with sauce
  • soy sauce - 6 tbsp
  • tomato sauce or ketchup - 5 tbsp.
Ketchup for the dish
  • chili pepper - 1/2 pc.
  • garlic - 3 cloves.
Raw garlic
  • sesame seeds - 1 tbsp.
  • sunflower oil - 2 tbsp.
Sunflower oil
  • salt and pepper - to taste

Method of preparation:

1. Preheat the oven to 180 C.

2. Wash the meat well and let it dry. After that, put it in a bowl, season with salt and pepper, add oil, mix with your hands, and place in the oven for 25 minutes at 180 C.

Chicken drumsticks

3. Sauce: combine soy sauce, ketchup, or tomato sauce, add chopped garlic, and half the chili pepper.

Cooking sauce

4. Pour the prepared sauce into a frying pan and evaporate over medium heat for 3-5 minutes until it thickens.

How long to simmer drumsticks in sauce

5. Take out the meat, put it in the pan with the sauce and simmer for another 5 minutes, stirring.

Serve the drumsticks hot, sprinkled with sesame seeds.

The finished dish

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