How to choose strawberries without chemicals: sharing useful tips

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How to choose strawberries
How to choose strawberries. Source: Freepik

The season of delicious, flavorful and healthy strawberries has already begun. It is best to eat the berries raw, as they are most beneficial.

Fresh strawberries

The FoodOboz editorial team shares tips on how to choose nitrate-free strawberries and what to look for when choosing.

How to choose the right strawberries

What to look for when choosing strawberries


The first thing you need to pay attention to is the color. It should be uniform and red. If there are green spots, a white tip, or pallor, it means that the strawberries are unripe.

What to look for when choosing strawberries

But you also need to know that if the berry is very red, crimson, or dark red, it means that it may already be overripe.

If the strawberry has an unnaturally bright color, the brighter it is, the more likely it is to be "chemically" overripe.

Ripe and safe strawberries


Only ripe strawberries have a rich, sweet aroma. If there is no smell, it means that the growth of the berries has been accelerated by fertilizers and chemicals.

Ripe and safe strawberries

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