How to choose nitrate-free peaches: expert advice

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How to choose natural peaches
How to choose natural peaches. Source:

Peaches are very tasty, fragrant fruits that contain so many vitamins B, C, as well as a large amount of folic acid and beta-carotene, and they also contain iron, manganese, zinc, magnesium, selenium, which are necessary for the body as a whole. Therefore, in the summer, you should definitely eat as many as possible, but it is best to buy them in trusted places.

MasterChef winner Yevgeniy Gribenik shared useful tips on Instagram to help you choose natural, safe, delicious peaches without nitrates.

Expert advice

What to look for first when choosing fruit in markets and stores:

1. The smell

Ripe peaches always have a very pleasant smell

A natural, ripe fruit will have a very pleasant, strong odor with notes of honey.

2. Color

How to choose a juicy and ripe peach

Good, ripe peaches always have three colors: from white to yellow to bright pink. If the flesh of the fruit is yellow, it is more flavorful, and if it is white, it is sweeter.

3. Damage and nitrates

How to choose a quality fruit

If the bones in the purchased fruit are wrinkled or broken, such peaches have been treated with chemicals to keep the fruit fresh during transportation. Such fruits must be thoroughly washed and even soaked for 1 hour in cold water.

4. Naturalness

How much do peaches cost

If the peaches are really natural and ripe, wasps and bees will tell you about it, as they will swarm around the tray with good fruit.

Peach pie

It is worth noting that one peach has only 46 kilocalories, and is considered a dietary product that can be used to make delicious desserts, added to pies and lemonades, and make homemade ice cream and cocktails.

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