How to choose a safe melon: useful tips

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How to choose a delicious melon
How to choose a delicious melon

Melon is a very healthy fruit; it is a real source of folic acid (vitamin B9), beta-carotene (vitamin A), and vitamins C and P. It is worth noting that melon flesh is rich in silicon, iron, potassium, magnesium, fiber, and a special enzyme that prevents damage to body tissues. It is most often eaten fresh, sometimes made into delicious desserts, and ice cream, and added to lemonades.

MasterChef winner Yevhen Hrybenyk shared useful tips on how to choose a delicious, ripe melon at markets and stores on his Instagram.

Expert advice

What to look for first of all:

1. Appearance

Do not choose damaged fruit

The melon should be free of cuts, dents, cracks, and spots. The flesh under spots and dents can be bitter.

2. Flexibility

A good melon is always aromatic

If you press down on the skin with your fingers, the melon should spring a little. If it is firm, it is still green. If, on the contrary, your fingers fall through, then the melon is overripe and will soon spoil.

Only choose a firm melon

Plus, it may be bitter near the skin.

3. Sound

When you pat the melon, it should make a dull sound.

How to choose a delicious melon

4. The smell

A ripe melon smells like honey. If you don't smell it at all, the melon smells only green, or the smell is already unpleasant, it's best to set it aside.

Be sure to smell the melon when choosing

It's worth noting that melon can be added to fruit salads, mashed, and made into ice cream.

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