How to check if eggs are fresh and safe: 3 life hacks

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Homemade eggs
Homemade eggs. Source:

Eggs are a very healthy and tasty product that contains a lot of vitamins and essential minerals. This product is added to almost all dishes: soups, salads, pancakes, pastries, and even drinks. Experts recommend eating them in their most useful form – when the yolk is runny. But it is worth remembering that chicken eggs are best stored in the refrigerator and for no more than seven days.

How long can chicken eggs be stored in the refrigerator

The FoodOboz editorial team has selected useful tips to help you quickly determine the freshness and safety of household eggs.

How to check the freshness of eggs at home


1. Break the egg

Fresh egg yolk

Break the egg, preferably on a flat plate so as not to damage the yolk, and look at it, if the yolk is convex and dense, and the white holds well around the yolk and is viscous, then this egg is fresh.

Homemade eggs

But if the egg has spread over the plate, the white is runny in consistency, and the yolk is not convex, then the egg is old.

Homemade eggs

2. Dip the egg in cold water

If the egg lies horizontally on the bottom, it is fresh, and if it floats to the surface, it is spoiled.

How to check the freshness of eggs with water

3. Shake and listen

How to check the freshness of eggs

If you don't hear anything when you shake the egg, it's fresh, and if you hear any vibrations or gurgling inside the egg, it's stale.

Fresh homemade eggs

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