How many eggs should be added to cutlets so that they do not lose their shape

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Minced meat for cutlets
Minced meat for cutlets

Cutlets are a very tasty, hearty, meaty dish that is loved by almost everyone. They are easy to prepare, just choose natural meat and make the right minced meat. But even though it's very easy to make cutlets, not everyone can make them successfully.

There are several reasons for this:

1. Liquid minced meat

2. Too many eggs

3. Not enough spices

Spices for cutlets

4. Onion

5. A lot of bread

The FoodOboz editorial team has selected 5 tricks that were published on Instagram (gotovim_bluda) that will help you cook the perfect cutlets.

1. Minced meat

Minced meat for cutlets

It is best to mix different minced meats: pork, beef, lamb.

2. Milk

Milk and bread for minced meat

Do not add milk to minced meat. Dilute the minced meat with warm boiled water to the consistency of thick sour cream. 

3. Eggs

Put only egg yolks in the minced meat.

Chicken eggs

4. Onions

The more onions you put in the minced meat, the tastier the cutlets will be.

Onions for minced meat

5. Bread

It is not necessary to add it to the minced meat. Try adding any vegetables: cabbage, potatoes, carrots.

How to cook delicious cutlets at home

How to fry cutlets correctly

Fry the cutlets in well-heated oil in a hot frying pan. If you like, you can use ground breadcrumbs or flour as a breading.

Cooking cutlets

You can form patties with wet hands and place them in preheated oil immediately. If you dip them in whipped egg white, they will be especially tasty and juicy.

How to cook delicious cutlets

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