Homemade egg-free mayonnaise with milk in 5 minutes: we share the easiest recipe

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Homemade mayonnaise
Homemade mayonnaise. Source: pexels.com

Mayonnaise is one of the simplest, yet tasty and light salad sauces. However, it is best to make it at home from safe and natural products, because this is the only way you can be sure of its safety.

Cook Yuliia shared on Instagram a recipe for a delicious homemade mayonnaise with milk, which is very tender and without an unpleasant aftertaste.

Recipe for homemade mayonnaise


  • vegetable oil – 200 ml
Vegetable oil
  • milk – 100 ml
Milk for sauce
  • salt – 1 tsp
Spices for making mayonnaise
  • sugar – 1.5 tsp
Mayonnaise with mustard
  • Mustard – 2 tsp

Method of preparation:

1. Pour the oil into the blender bowl, add salt, sugar, mustard, and milk.

Making mayonnaise with milk

2. Whisk the mixture until it becomes thick.

Homemade mayonnaise with milk

3. Put the mayonnaise in a suitable container and refrigerate.

Ready-made mayonnaise

Store in the refrigerator for no more than 5 days!

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