Healthy summer salad with fish and vegetables in 5 minutes: sharing a recipe for a light dinner

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Salad with tuna
Salad with tuna. Source: pexels.com

If you want to cook a light and tasty dish for dinner, choose a salad. Especially in summer, when all vegetables, fruits, berries, and herbs are the healthiest. Fish or seafood will add lightness to the salad, and sauces and spices will add a bright flavor.

Light salad

Cook Alyona (alonka_good ) shared a recipe for a delicious and light salad with tuna, herbs, and potatoes for dinner on Instagram.

Salad recipe


  • fresh tuna steak
Fresh tuna
  • lettuce leaves
  • boiled egg
Boiled eggs
  • cherry tomatoes
Boiled eggs
  • boiled potatoes
Boiled potatoes
  • balsamic sauce
  • olive oil
Olive oil
  • salt pepper

Method of preparation:

1. Season the tuna with salt and pepper and fry in a hot frying pan with oil for 1.5 minutes on both sides.

Fried tuna

2. Wash the lettuce leaves, put them in a bowl, and pour the balsamic sauce over them.

3. Boil, peel, and cut the boiled eggs in half. Place them on top of the lettuce leaves.

4. Boil the potatoes, cut them and place them on the salad, and top with the sliced tuna steak.

Salad for dinner

5. Chop the cherry tomatoes, and add to the salad. Drizzle with balsamic and serve a delicious salad.

Light salad

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