Healthy marmalade for children in 5 minutes: we tell you what to make

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The recipe for marmalade
Marmalade recipe. Source: pixabay.com

If you want to make a tasty and, most importantly, healthy alternative to store-bought candy for children, make homemade marmalade. You only need 3 simple ingredients that you always have on hand.

Marmalade for children

Cook Liza (malinskaya__) shared a recipe for safe and tasty marmalade for children on Instagram.

Marmalade recipe


  • Water – 5 tbsp
How to make marmalade
  • Fruit puree – 100 g
Homemade marmalade with mashed potatoes
  • Gelatin – 3 tsp

Method of preparation:

1. Pour gelatin with water, mix and let it swell.

2. Mash any fruit or berries.

Apple puree for dessert

3. After the gelatin has swelled, heat it slightly in a water bath, stirring constantly to dissolve it.

How to make delicious marmalade

4. Add the mashed potatoes and mix.

Making marmalade

5. Grease the molds, pour in the prepared mashed potatoes, and refrigerate for a few hours to set well.

Ready-made marmalade

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