Foods with which it is undesirable to combine beer

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Beer was one of the first alcoholic beverages that people learned to brew. Over the years, each country has gradually developed its own beer culture with its characteristics. Lagers, lambics, or ales are not the end of the list of all types of beer. A snack for this drink is also a whole art. After all, not everyone knows how to choose it well.

The FoodOboz editorial team will tell you which appetizer to choose for beer and which combinations are better to refrain from.

The best beer snacks

Light beers. It is believed that light beers are best combined with light snacks and green salads. Namely, baked fish or vegetables, and salads based on greens and tomatoes. Don't forget about the eternal classics of cheeses - mozzarella or brynza will go well with beer. In addition, wheat beers are advised to try with sweet desserts or cakes. It is said that this way you can get a balanced flavor due to the presence of citrus notes in beer.

Dark beers. These are the best to taste meat dishes: baked, dried, or barbecued meat. But if you are a cheese lover, there are options for you: feta or Roquefort – the choice is yours.

Semi-dark varieties. This type of beer includes traditional ale, which will taste great with light meats, which will soften the bitterness. But as for amber ales, they are best combined with dishes cooked on the barbecue or fried pork.

Different types of beer

Foods that should not be combined with beer

Peanuts. As it turns out, this standard and favorite snack may not be the best combination. It is believed that peanuts neutralize all the flavoring properties of beer and can lead to dehydration.

Pizza. It's all down to the yeast that is part of both dishes. It is said that pizza alone is not easy on the stomach, and beer makes it even harder.

Cigarettes. This combination is believed to be fraught with dehydration and diarrhea.

Pizza, peanuts

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