Favorite dishes of famous movie characters that are easy to prepare

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Favorite dishes of famous movie characters that are easy to prepare

Watching a fascinating movie, we often wish we could be in the actor's shoes and live his or her life for a while. However, there are some movies where food and gourmet dishes play an equally important role, and thus are associated with a particular character.

The FoodOboz editorial team has prepared a selection of dishes from famous foreign films and cartoons.

Pasta from the movie "Eat, Pray, Love"

The main character, a famous journalist from New York, Elizabeth Gilbert, realizes at one point that she is not living her own life. Her job has completely ceased to bring her pleasure, and on top of that, she is divorced from her husband. All of these situations led her to a dead end and depression. But one day, Elizabeth decides to start everything from scratch and goes on tour. The first stop is Italy, where she discovers the whole spectrum of gastronomic delights. After visiting one restaurant and trying the pasta there, Elizabeth realizes that happiness can be found in the simplest and most accessible places.

The movie ''Eat, Pray, Love''

Earlier we wrote a recipe for Pasta Carbonara.

"Ratatouille" from the cartoon "Ratatouille"

The protagonist Remy has a unique talent for a rat: he knows a lot about food and its preparation. At the same time, no one in his inner circle takes his hobby seriously. Although Remy himself sometimes has to risk his life to learn and find something new in the world of cooking. One day, fate throws him an amazing chance – the rat finds himself in a big city and has the opportunity to demonstrate his skills in the kitchen of a famous restaurant. Thus, his popular vegetable Ratatouille was praised by all restaurant critics, and the cartoon itself won an Oscar and a Golden Globe.

Ratatouille cartoon

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Onion soup from the movie Bridget Jones's Diary

The main character Bridget Jones is already in her thirties, but she is still single and in no hurry to live the way her peers do. In addition, the girl does not stop walking on a leash with her bad habits, which cause weight problems. At one point, Bridget decides to get rid of all her problems once and for all and starts a diary where she plans to write down all her defeats and victories in the future. First of all, she decides to lose a few pounds and starts eating right. One day, the heroine invites her friends over to her house to surprise them with her culinary skills. Although her recipe for onion soup seemed pretty good, she forgot to remove the store-bought string from the onions. This was a fatal mistake that resulted in the soup turning blue.

The movie ''Bridget Jones's Diary''

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