Don't hurry to throw it away: how to use lard skin

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Whar dishes can be prepared with lard skin. Source: Pexels

Housewives know what to do with lard, but they don't know what to do with its skin. So, they often throw away the product without even thinking that it can be a good addition to some dishes.

The FoodOboz editorial team has gathered information and will tell you what dishes you can use lard skin for.

How to use lard skin


This is probably one of the most popular dishes. Although it is hard to call it too easy to prepare, it is an ideal option for when you want to please your family and guests. You can wrap anything in this roll: vegetables, mushrooms, sauces or just spices.

Lard dishes


And this is a win-win option. The fact is that lard skin contain a large amount of substances with gelling properties. Therefore, aspic with lard skin will be even thicker and more rich.

Why add lard skin to aspic

Cabbage rolls

And no, you don't need to wrap the filling in lard skin. Simply put them on the bottom of the dish in which the cabbage rolls will be cooked. Put the rolls on top. This way, the cabbage rolls are spicy, have a rich flavor and an impressive aroma.

What to cook with lard skin

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