Delicious tiramisu without eggs and baking: dessert recipe

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Recipe for tiramisu without eggs and baking
Tiramisu recipe without eggs and baking. Source: Pexels

One of the most delicious and easy-to-make desserts is tiramisu. It can be prepared in different ways, without alcohol, as well as with different creams and without eggs.

Homemade tiramisu

Cook Anastasiia shared on Instagram a recipe for delicious homemade tiramisu without using raw eggs.

Tiramisu recipe


  • savoyardi – 24-26 pcs
Savoyardi and Cocoa
  • strong coffee – 300 ml
  • amarett /baileys/rum – 50 ml
  • 33% cream – 300 ml
Ingredients for dessert
  • powdered sugar – 100 g
  • mascarpone cheese – 500 g
  • cocoa for the parcel

Method of preparation:

1. Brew coffee, pour in alcohol, mix and leave to cool, then moisten the savoyardi.

Savoyardi impregnation

2. Whip very cold cream to soft peaks, add powdered sugar, and cold mascarpone, and whip again until smooth.

Whipped cream

3. Put 40% of the cream into a pastry bag.

Ready-made dessert cream

4. Assemble the dessert: put the first layer of savoyardi soaked in coffee in the mold, top with cream, and another layer of cookies, cream, and a pastry bag with cream decorations.

Homemade tiramisu

5. Put the dessert in the refrigerator for at least 4-5 hours.

Tiramisu without eggs

Sprinkle cocoa over the tiramisu before serving!

Ready dessert

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