Crispy condensed milk tubes without a waffle iron: a simple dessert recipe

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Tubes with condensed milk
Tubes with condensed milk. Source:

Condensed milk tubes are a dessert that almost everyone loves. It's very easy to make, just make a good base and form the tubes correctly. For the filling, you can use not only condensed milk, but also cream.

Condensed milk tubes

Cook Valeria shared a recipe for delicious, crispy condensed milk tubes on Instagram.

Recipe for waffle tubes


  • Milk - 100 ml
  • Butter - 100 g
  • Eggs - 3 pcs.
  • Sugar - 150 g
  • Flour - 200 g
  • Vanilla sugar - 1 tsp
  • Salt - a pinch

For the filling:

  • Boiled condensed milk - 1 can
  • Butter - 50 g
  • Chopped nuts (optional)

Method of preparation:

1. Melt the butter in the microwave.

Butter for the dish

2. Beat the eggs with the sugar, vanilla sugar and salt until fluffy white. Add the butter and milk and beat again with a mixer. Sift in the flour and beat at the lowest mixer speed for up to 2 minutes.

How to make perfect waffle tubes

3. Put a little batter on a well-heated frying pan and spread it like a thin pancake. Fry on both sides for 2-3 minutes until golden brown on both sides.

How to properly fry waffle tubes in a pan

4. Roll the finished pancakes into tubes right in the pan.

Condensed milk for the filling

5. For the filling: whisk the boiled condensed milk with butter and fill the tubes with a pastry bag or sachet.

Ready waffle tubes

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