Choose the simplest ice cream: expert gives tips

The main indicator of ice cream quality is the degree of freezing

When choosing ice cream, you should take into account the degree of its freezing, DSTU (state standard), and other important indicators. In particular, the composition of the glaze.

Food quality expert Olena Sydorenko told OBOZREVATEL TV channel about this."I would advise you to choose the simplest ice cream without any additives. You can add various berries and fruits yourself," she said.

"The degree of freezing is important. The first thing I do is touch the ice cream and check the consistency. If it hasn't softened, then you can look at the GOST. If it's not frozen, you shouldn't do it. If it has been stored for several days at a temperature of 0...-2 degrees, or defrosted because there was no electricity, eating it can lead to hospitalization," the expert warned.

She further advised to pay attention to the DSTU, which can be used to find out about the raw materials underlying the ice cream. "DSTU 4733 is an ice cream made from dairy raw materials. DSTU 4735 is ice cream with a combined composition of substances. There is also fruit and berry ice cream according to DSTU 4734," said Sydorenko.

Regarding the latter ice cream, which is actually frozen juice, she noted that it is necessary to look at the presence of artificial colors and flavors. "Very often it contains artificial colors E102, E110, E129, i.e. red. Or blue, which consumers are very fond of. This is indigocarmine, which can cause allergic reactions. This can be dangerous, especially if someone wants to try several packages of such frozen ice," the expert explained.

She advised to take into account other components, in particular, the glaze. "If you have an ice cream or ice cream with glaze, you should look at the percentage of glaze. Is it chocolate glaze, which contains cocoa and butter, or is it confectionery glaze, which contains hydrogenated fats, trans fats, or palm oil. As a rule, the glaze content is up to 20%, and the question here is what the consumer chooses - either ice cream or glaze," Sydorenko said.

At the same time, she assured that waffle cups are unlikely to pose a danger, as their composition is very simple and almost identical for all manufacturers. "There is wheat flour, maybe oil, sugar, salt, water. It does not matter," the expert said.

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